George Mario Attard  continuously produces works between the realms of fine art, music and design. Self-initiated projects were exhibited outside conventional institutions creating a series of installations and happenings that generate dialogue and interaction within communities.

Currently he is focused on developing projects that explore how art can contribute directly to humanitarian causes. A wide repertoire of work was exhibited and performed in various spaces; physical and virtual. He participated in numerous collective exhibitions in Gozo, Malta, United Kingdom, Poland, Japan and South Korea.

During his academic pursuit he was selected by the Dean and awarded a Master of Arts Distinction from the University for the Creative Arts, UK. He was awarded with the Best Illustrator Award by Digital Arts, Malta and 1st place by Design Bridge, London with Sugar As Salt Design Team, UK.

Artist statement

Attard explores, experiments and develop various projects in studios currently based on the Maltese islands. Often research and developments are also executed outside the studios.

The experience and observation of different cultures, politics and other annotations of human existence have molded and honed his artistic research. At times, the work serves as a medium to amplify and highlight contemporary and subliminal issues. Social causes and human rights are represeted in various expressions often sparking interaction within communities.