Migrating to Europe

A series of installations are part of a body of work that is currently being created through research about the current migration towards Europe. As the human migration is constantly developing so is the expression of this body of work evolving.

What are the elements we have to face to live with basic rights today?

The project explores how art can contribute to this humanitarian cause from a local context. It is a complex issue and solutions can be developed collectively. In response to the death toll that keeps rising, this series of expressions tries to create experiences that connect people who wish to unite and contribute to the cause. This project can serve as a medium to connect communities and entities with bodies working on the issue.

The work makes use of materials used by people who had to leave their country for a better home up north. The series interacts with spatial dimensions and symbolism. It focuses on the power of basic humanistic gestures which unite us whilst reflecting the perils of such journeys expressed through the spatial context of the space. The work attempts to bypass the diversification agenda which is hindering the processes to solutions that tackle the issues across various countries.

Through generations, people had to, are currently migrating or will migrate to other countries they are not natives to and this transition phase is affected by decisions and actions taken by those who are either willing to facilitate it or exploit it at the expense of those who may be vulnerable today.