Narration – Eight Eighteen, Malta Contemporary Art 01; 2008.

Narration, a wall of walls. Walls that were part of the local rectangle stereotypical construction of houses. Once these houses are demolished, an introvert Maltese canvas is unveiled. The interactive structure formed of rotating cubes with photographs of the Narration series are pixels on a bigger wall of intimacy. The viewers can touch and rotate the cubes which act like pixels.

A constant continuum of the local skyline is reflected on the interaction by the participant forming an external abstraction.

This creates an emotion of uncertainty, which was also present at the space where the photographs were taken. An emotion of uncertainty of the plan and purpose these walls used to be part of. Thus, since I can never answer myself with accuracy on this matter neither can the viewer have an answer to what position the cubes are meant to be.

Eight Eighteen, the first exhibition to launch Malta Contemporary Art curated by the artists’ group Start, founded in 2002.